Remember, we do not keep kegs in stock! Kegs are ordered on request and, DUE TO OUR LACK OF REFRIGERATED STORAGE SPACE, KEGS MUST BE PICKED UPON THE DAY OF DELIVERY. Delivery times are unpredictable so we will call you when the keg arrives. Be sure you give us a phone number where you can be reached. Be aware that it will generally take at least two days to fill a keg order, so keep that in mind when ordering for a weekend.

There will be deposits for the keg and tap. $30.00 for the keg and $50.00 for a tap. WE WILL ACCEPT CASH FOR DEPOSITS, which will be given back to you upon return of all items. Due to past problems, no deposit will be put on a credit card. No cash, no keg. This is not negotiable. We ask kegs be returned within 30 days unless prearranged.

When picking up a keg, you will have to show a picture ID. We also request that you be capable of handling the keg yourself as we might not be able to help you with it (besides loaning you our hand truck).

Also for Kegerator owners and others needing one, we do not carry CO2 tanks. They can be purchased locally at Airgas East, 1710 S. Loudoun St or at Robert’s Oxygen at 221 Brick Kiln Rd. Also note that some stouts, like Guinness, require a special CO2/nitrogen mix that local suppliers do not stock but must special order. Keep that in mind.

Note: Most American kegs will take a ‘D’ style party tap, which we keep on hand. European kegs require specialty taps which will have to be ordered with the keg. So please keep that in mind when ordering. Kegs must be paid for in advance and can be done over the phone if you like. 

Here’s some info to help you determine how much beer you’ll need:

  • 1/2 keg = 15.5 gal = 7 cases = 168 bottles (weighs 170#)
  • 1/4 keg = 7 3/4 gal = 3 1/2 cases = 84 bottles (weighs 85#)
  • 1/6 keg = 5 gal = 2 1/2 cases = 60 bottles (weighs 60#)

For Euro kegs:

  • 50L = 13.2gal = 135 bottles (weighs 154#)
  • 30L = 7.9 gal = 81 bottles (weighs 64#)

The sheer number of brands and styles of beers available makes it difficult to keep a comprehensive list. So please contact us to find out what we can get for you.