Platinum Wine Club: Details & Selections Of The Month

For our 20th anniversary we created the Platinum Wine Club, allowing you to explore the world of wine 2 bottles at a time. We give you a wine you probably know (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay) and then one that’s off the wall, something you would probably never pick up on your own and to take you out of your comfort zone. We have done a Txakoli from Spain, a Claret from the Columbia Valley & a Gamay Beaujolais rose from Burgundy, to name a few. You can also structure the Platinum Wine Club to fit your needs! You get a sheet, explaining the wines, where they are from, tasting notes and food pairings too.  Here’s how it works:
The basic membership is 2 wines a month for $30.00.
You can also do 4 wines a month for $60.00
You can just do a 2 bottle, 3 month membership for $90.00, payable in advance. The same applies for 4 bottles for $180.00, payable in advance.
You can pay for 6 months in advance and get 1 month free
You can pay for 12 months in advance and get 2 months free
You can do a quarterly membership too. Getting 2 or 4 bottles a month every 3 months (4 times a year)
If you like the wines and want to pay more, you can purchase them, during the month they are featured at a 10% discount. 
You can pay as you go, and cancel at anytime. 

In 2019, we plan on adding a red club & white club. If you only are interested in red wines, that’s all you’ll get. The same for the whites. All the prior info applies to both of these clubs. 

Selections for November 2018

Manfred Breit Piesporter Goldtrophen Reisling Kabinett 2016 $17.99 Wine Club price $15.99

Before you pass judgement, this may be one of the best rieslings I have ever had. Period. If you aren’t a fan of the grape, save this one for Thanksgiving. You will have an “AH HA!” moment. I can’t imagine a better wine with turkey and all the fatty goodness that goes along with it. It’s fresh, fruity and elegant with some sweetness and character of key lime pie, pears, honeydew melon and stony minerality. Perfect for Asian food, lobster, smoked salmon


A little info about the “Words” on the lable.

Goldtropfchen is one of the best-known individual vineyards in the Mosel region of Germany. It is located in the district of Michelsberg, in, as the name implies, the town of Piesport. This vineyard has steep, slaty slopes arranged in a dramatic amphitheater-like shape for ideal exposure. The grapes are typically sun-warmed and ripe, with pronounced slate minerality and balancing acidity.
The town of Piesport also gives its name to a variety of cheap “supermarket” wines from the larger region around it. Avoid them! It may cause some confusion. Go for the Goldtropfchen every time.


La Quercia Montepulciano 2016 $17.59 Wine Club Price $13.59

This Montepulciano is a great example of what can happen when you match low-yield winemaking expertise with a prolific growing zone, and constantly cut, cut, cut back the vines. It’s earthy, floral, fruity & herbaceous. It’s balanced & medium bodied. Made by winemaker Antonio Lamona, the result is one of the best quality, most expressive and balanced Montepulcianos around. This wine is also 100% organic

Pair with: Olive tapenade, pork chop with sauteed onions, and chicken kebabs grilled meat.